Art Posters Instead of Originals?

We are all attracted to Art Posters, indeed, we find them quite compelling. Whether it is that we find ourselves looking at them whilst we are travelling up and down tube stations, on top of buses, gazing at theatre art posters, marketing campaigns, or else even advertising the latest films.

Art prints are in all places we go. It may well be the fleshy male promoting the up-to-the-minute denims, sexy adverts to persuade somebody to buy chocolate or cars, the newest boy rock band even, we go for them all. Art posters brighten up our lives. Unless of course they are morbid, trying to drive home a message to the people.For instance, cigarettes can destroy your wellbeing otherwise drink driving is unsafe, it can kill!

I have to declare that a quantity of the billboards produced are, plus have been, pretty fabulous. Some of the most superb examples of art posters would have to be ones that have been produced for movies in Hollywood. Without a doubt, they fashioned art posters which were flamboyant, coarse, garish even!

Letters of the alphabet were used in favor of aggression furthermore they too used forms representing human beings. These art prints were regularly blown up, cut around and made into collages etc.

Yet all these added up to produce irresistible and intoxicating forms of composition. These art posters imparted ideas on the billboards, and naturally, the rewards from these could only be far reaching. In other words, they conveyed a lot of promise of what was to come, hence inducing sales on the box office!

Simply consider the impression Marilyn Monroe art posters have got to have had during their era. Currently they would for sure be a collectors item as well as worth a fortune. Nevertheless, if we advance to more contemporary times Jackson Pollock as well as Andy Warhol came bursting in on the scene using vibrant colourful acrylics and certainly made their mark, generating brash and often electrifying art prints.

So now, in point of fact, the art posters themselves come in all sorts of sizes, shapes along with abundant designs. They play their part in the world today too. It could be advertising for competitions, for window displays, cars, snacks, toys, music, furnishings etc.

We might have moved on at the end of the day, nevertheless the reality remains that nearly all of us have, at some stage or another, bought art posters. In my instance it was a Bonnie and Clyde art poster, and all right, I have hadone or two of the bohemian paris nightlife, and a plan of the globe, to refer to only some.

Children and teenagers love them on their bedroom walls, footballers, pop groups, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, you get the picture. Even so, folks of all ages move on out and purchase art posters and you can get hold of a number of fairly big ones, not just this, they also care for them with a covering or framework so that they will survive.

So regularly you spot individuals inside the stores admiring paintings contemplatively, just wishing they had the spare money to purchase them. The same painting, in fact, can lure them back time and time yet again. They most likely come across themselves walking another way now so they can go and have one more peek at it.

This is why I, being a contemporary artist, decided to promote quality art posters of my original paintings. Being an artist I, similar to many others, like individuals to be able to get pleasure from and understand my work in addition to what goes into it.

Re-Educate the Politicians About the Value of Music Education

Music has everything to do with math, science and education. To substantiate this premise, we can quote statistics and studies that show how a large portion of scientists, mathematicians and doctors are amateur musicians with a solid background and training in music. But to discover how music is of such fundamental importance to the education of our children, we need to dig even deeper and ultimately answer the real question; how and why has our modern culture disconnected music study from education? As this is a very complex issue, we can only answer this question in part, since a thoroughly comprehensive answer is beyond the scope of this article.

But first we need to go back 3000 years or so. In the ancient Greek civilization, music was considered along with science, astronomy and mathematics as a primary and necessary study in the pursuit of truth and knowledge. Philosophers and thinkers of that era mathematically calculated the musical scale and tonal system and applied additional calculations in designing the musical instruments so musicians could express the cultural aesthetics of that time.

Indeed, the musical and tonal systems and instruments that have been used by all civilizations throughout history were conceived in a similar fashion. Through creative imagination, calculations and practical application of aesthetics or what is known as music and art.

The modern piano and twentieth century piano tuning came about in a similar fashion. Essentially, you had over a period of roughly 150 years, extended debates, discussions, experiments, disagreements by theorists, mathematicians, many of whom were musicians or who worked closely with musicians and composers about what a piano should look like, sound like and what kind of tuning would best support the music. All the while music was being played and instrument design and tuning was continually modified in order to accommodate the ever changing musical aesthetics.

The purpose of this brief historical exposition is the following. Here we are in the 21st century and we have as a civilization and certainly as a culture lost sight of these important connections. If there were a process in all past civilizations whereby man inquired into the nature of the universe and connected music with astronomy and philosophy, where does that leave us in the present. Have we really evolved or are we devolving.

Mathematics, science, music, art all have one thing in common which is higher thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking; in other words, the ability to think. So I have to conclude that the problem with our politicians and education bureaucrats who declare music as an unessential and as a casualty of budget woes, is a symptom of their inability to think and make the right decisions and choices in a bureaucracy embodied with a hubris of misplaced priorities.

Their line of “reason” that declares music as an unessential is also a result that delivers music education as a casualty of our modern American compulsion towards the relentless commoditization of aesthetics, art and just about everything and holding that up as the as the holy grail. True art and beauty and expression can never be a commodity any more than a rainbow can. When we fail to pass on to the next generation a suggestion, a map or pointer to the higher strata of human sensibilities, and consciousness, we end up with… reality shows.

School Fundraising – Saving Art, Music and Sports Programs

Educational budgets are one of the first things to be cut in difficult economic times. Many schools are facing budget deficits and shortfalls. Schools are finding that they must cut art, music and sports programs in order to save money. School fundraisers can help schools to have the money that they need.

Invest in Education

Art, sports and music programs are an essential part of the educational process. Cutting these programs out of your school puts students at a disadvantage. Making an investment in the educational process by keeping these programs is making an investment in the future. School fundraising earnings can be used to pay for these important programs to ensure that your school can continue to provide a high quality education to your students even with a tight budget.

Art Programs

Art programs inspire creativity in students. They teach students to see the world and to display it creatively. Art programs also teach students valuable skills that can be used in many areas of life. For example, a student that learns to draw can use these skills in careers like fashion design, computer graphics, web design, art interior design and more. Art enhances life and receiving an education that includes art classes will greatly benefit your students.

With the money that you earn from school fundraising you can keep art classes available for your students. Fundraising earnings can also be used to purchase art supplies and equipment or to pay for after school and summer art courses. Courses in photography, ceramics, painting, drawing and computer generated art are popular choices with both schools and students.

Sporting Programs

Sports programs can be expensive. Schools must pay for coaches, sporting equipment, uniforms and transportation to and from sporting events. Fundraising is a great way to ensure that your school budget has enough money to afford sports programs. The money earned can be used to add new sports to your school’s sporting schedule or can be used to fund the programs already in place.

Many schools let the sporting program participants actively fundraise to earn the money for their specific program. Candy bar fundraisers work great for this. Students that want to participate in the sport can carry around bags of candy and sell them to their friends, family and classmates. This is a profitable way to let students play an active role in earning the money for their sport.

Music Programs

Music is another area that often lacks funding in tight school budgets. Use school fundraising to purchase musical instruments and to pay for musical instruction. Music programs are important. Students with a knowledge of musical principles do better in school. Music programs can be more than just offering traditional band and orchestra classes. Your school may also decide to start up a choir or to teach private music lessons after school. Music appreciation classes, music history courses and field trips to musical presentations are other great uses for school fundraising earnings.

School budgets are tight right now and school fundraising offers the perfect solution. With a few well planned fundraisers your school can continue to offer art, sports and music to its students. This will enhance their educational experience and will ensure that each student receives a well-rounded education.

Music Fashion – Blending Art

Those who aren’t into following fashion trends and wearing the latest styles can’t really understand what it’s like to watch the fluid way fashion will change as it descends down from the couture runways and into the stores and closets of regular people. While some designers claim that they take their inspiration from a certain culture, types of fabrics or from pieces of art, the truth is that most of the fashion that is popular today is taken right from the venues and stages of the music scene. Rockers and singers have always been interested in the latest fashions, and their choices are what help to form the genre of music fashion.

If you’ve never heard of music fashion before, you should know that it doesn’t necessarily mean copying the fashions of those that create the music, although in some cases this can be true. The more popular definition of music fashion can be seen in the cross over between musicians and fashion designers. Many musicians consider themselves artists in general, and many are creative in other ways that don’t involve a microphone or an instrument. If a musician is looking for a new outlet for their creative juices, then they often turn to fashion.

Once a musician achieves a particular status of popularity, they might start to notice that the styles they wear up on stage are slowly making another appearance, on the streets and in the clubs. They might decide that people are hip to the styles that they like to wear and want more, so they will often begin to design and release their own clothes. This type of fashion is more commercialized, and can be seen in the crossover moves that were made by many rappers and hip hop artists.

Another type of music fashion is a little more organic and a little rawer, as it is simply the fashions that are worn by the people that love and live a certain style of music. Heavy metal music was one of the first to inspire music fashion, with its leather, silver and over the top biker-rocker looks.

Fashion Victim Or Not?

Do you always have a pile of fashion magazines on your desk and you only watch fashion related TV programs? Are you obsessed with the latest trends? Do you often feel guilty for spending your entire salary on clothes and accessories? Do you have a fashion blog? If you answered ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions, then you might be a fashion junkie.

If your wardrobe is crammed with a bundle of clothes and your designer bag has its own reserved seat at the restaurant, it does not necessarily mean you are a superficial person. Persons with a strong fashion addiction generally have a great eye for art, fashion and music. They always know what to wear and when, they look great all the time and they are happy.

Fashion junkies know all about colors. It’s known that the colors surrounding us have a great impact on our psyche. Therefore, wearing the right shades can make us feel and look better. Likewise, we can get a positive reaction from the others by wearing pleasant, appealing colors. They say that if you wear dark green, people will see you as a warm, affectionate person; if you wear red, you will seem aggressive; and if you choose navy, there are chances you will be taken more seriously.

A fashion junkie also knows everything about what’s hot and what’s not; if you want to know which are the most popular items of the moment, just go through some recent fashion blog posts, or ask your fashion addict friend about them. But, most importantly, you should know that this year anything goes as long as it’s worn with attitude.

But you don’t have to be filthy rich to be able to dress up nicely. In a world facing economic crisis, everybody tries to cut down on expenses. Even clothes presented on catwalks have become more pragmatic than extravagant. Today, we should try to combine our old clothes in original ways rather than spend big sums of money on new arrivals. After all, being well dressed means expressing your personality through clothes in the best way possible.