Music Festival Enthusiasts Defined As Festivillians

Let’s define the word Festivillian. It has been used as a descriptive word by festival musicians, artists, promoters, organizers, and enthusiasts for many years. It refers to people that truly have a passion for going to or are participating in art, music, and renaissance festivals in particular. Often throughout history words have been used in a societal or urban fashion over a period of time before they become mainstream and defined as a dictionary term. Such is the case with Festivillian.

The first mention of a music festival comes from the Pythian Games in ancient Greece starting around 582 BC. At that time in history the administration of the Games was handed over to the Delphic Amphiktyonia, a council of the twelve Greek tribes, in order to end the Holy War in the past. The games often included musical performances. This might be the earliest historical mention of a Music Festival.

Initially the words Feast and Festival were interchangeable and utilized to honor Gods. Through the ages each term has found it’s own meaning in our society, however both denote a celebration.

Music Festivals tend to be annual, although many are organized as a one time event. There are those that are for profit and purely entertainment, and those that are designed to do more than entertain. There has been a recent surge over the last several decades in the correlation between certain Music Festivals and environmental awareness. Many festivals today have a Green theme on some level. Some of them, for example the Shakori Hills Music Festival, build a sustainable village, and offer classes and workshops for sustainable living. The Green Apple Festival of 2008, held on Earth Day, was the first of it’s kind coordinating many major U.S. cities in offering Music Festivals and Green living fairs in unison across the nation and even saw international participation.

Another interesting Music Festival is the educative and supportive type. Some communities offer free, or nearly free, Music Festivals for the purpose of offering young musicians an audience and the opportunity to play music with and learn from their more experienced and established peers. One outstanding example of this is the Alaska Folk Festival held in Juneau. Spring of 2008 was their 34th annual festival!

There is something special that we feel in a festival environment. It feels like there is a touch of magic in the air. There is a spirit of friendship, freedom, peace, and comradery that is present among most Festivillians, setting them apart and creating the atmosphere of a summer camp. Even casual festival goers or patrons seem to pick up on it. Eye contact with “strangers” is easier, people smile at one another and strike conversations instantly. Something about a festival seems to bring down our barriers and raise the spirit of community. Perhaps a Festivillian is best defined as a person that thrives on this type of environment. offers easy access to resources for Tickets, Camping / Hiking, Festival Gear, Memorabilia, and even easy price comparisons on RV’s & Campers. As this website grows up, as all things do, it will blossom over time and offer it’s users much more. Please feel free to share it, bookmark it, or link it. Suggestions are welcome (contact form coming soon) and so are you!

Indie: The Influencer of Today’s Fashion

No one can really deny the huge impact of the indie fashion especially in this 21st Century. This kind of evident influence began to surface in the early seventies and eighties, when music bands tried to differentiate themselves from others, through a stylish and trendy image. Today Indie fashion is about having the freedom to express, to be comfortable in your own style and to have an individual touch. A lot of styles and other fashion trends have gone into making Indie fashion what it is today. This article intends to give you an insight into Indie culture particularly more on the fashion paradigm. Let us have a closer look at what Indies culture is all about and what its influences entail.

So, what does it take for one to be considered an Indie? What are the important ingredients that set a person apart from the mainstream crowd? What are the personality traits of those who succumb to this popular subculture?

Non-mainstream mentality: Indie souls love uniqueness and do not conform to the beliefs of the mass majority. They value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, and intelligence. Often well-educated, their intellectual minds and non-judgmental attitude mean their viewpoints are habitually multidimensional, preferring to skim around the subject rather than standing their grounds with eyes closed.

Occupations: Indie people tend to be well educated and often have liberal arts degrees, or degrees in maths and sciences, which also require certain creative analytical thinking abilities. Consequently, many indie people tend to have jobs in the music, art, and fashion industries. In some rare cases, indie people are also capable of assuming careers in traditionally bureaucratic organizations or even government agencies while living a double life of an indie. The Look: Known for their rejection of the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers, indie people have, some might say, an unhealthy appetite for ‘differentiation’. Their appearance is profoundly influenced by art, music, fashion and film – an infusion of which gives rise to an eclectic mix of highly styled individuals. This breed of fashion pioneers is often seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired fashions, tight-fitting jeans, old-school sneakers, and sometimes thick-rimmed glasses.

Gender-neutral look is also popular among the indie crowd. Both indie men and women sport similar androgynous hairstyles that include combinations of messy shag cuts and asymmetric side-swept bangs. Such styles are often associated with the work of creative stylists at urban salons, and are usually too “edgy” for the culturally-sheltered mainstream consumers. Yet, quite arguably, indie style rests in the very epicenter of fashion trend whether is it made known to the wearers or not. Trickle down effect? Styles made popular by a subculture are not unheard of and indie clothing is no exception.

Aesthetics: Regular, if not obsessive, intake of art and music is a major part of an indie lifestyle. Anything underground, alternative and non-mainstream, but NEVER billboard climbers or Top of the Pop chart-toppers. Indie people are the leaders of the latest cultural trends and ideals. This applies to music as well, as many bands have become successful and known to mainstream audiences only because indie people first found and listened to them as early-adopters of new culture. Once certain concepts of fashion and music have reached mainstream audiences, indie people move on to something new and improved.

Unquestionably, it is the very essence of indie culture that continues to inspire the world and most of the fashion trends in today’s market. Gradually and calculatedly, indie people become the key actor in foreseeing changes in fashion and trends – ultimately making them the true fashion influencers.

Fashion Is About More Than Clothes

As a Christian we say “don’t dress like the world,” but what is worldly when it comes to dress? I think we can learn something about what it is by what the world say about dress? I think also we can learn about it by discerning what’s behind the sad looking, gaunt expressions of the models who stride down the runways displaying the latest fashion ideas. What they seem to be saying may relate to the spirit behind the whole business that they are in. Sad and empty. This was evidenced recently as I read about a world-renown wealthy Italian fashion designer who a few years ago was murdered in cold-blood – and some of what the fashion world and its editors wrote about him after his death:

One writer suggested that he understood that fashion was about more than clothes. He knew that a simple dress could also make allusions to art, music, architecture, and the cult of celebrity. Another said his style was flamboyant, profoundly sexy, and often crossed the line into a wonderful, dangerous vulgarity.

In writing about his style, they said he unapologetically cut dresses obscenely low or ridiculously high. But he could also cut a perfect suit that blended classic lines with delicate sensuality. And fashion for him was a glamorous, colorful, sensual world. The article indicates as well that he was a homosexual and designed men’s wear accordingly.

Through such comments as these about this one designer and in looking generally at those who represent the world of fashion design, it’s not difficult to sense the spirit behind the whole scene of today’s fashions? They also give more than a hint why the poor models look so lost and hopeless? How does any of it line up with the Word of God? It doesn’t.

Everyone’s life in various ways will reflect what or whom they admire or follow. And without doubt the story of Gianni Versace‘s life, his work and his wealth sheds a great deal of light on the world of fashion. As a Christian I should be concerned with what the story of my life will reveal? Will it highlight my desire to dress like the world – or will it reveal that my life’s goal is to always reflect in all that I say and do – the purity of Christ?

“For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light… Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:8, 10, 11. © copyright 2011

Atmosphere of Art in Five Big Fashion Centers

As we all know, Paris, Milan, New York, London and Tokyo are five big fashion centers in the world. They are regarded as the most famous fashion centers in the world. The history of these five cities also is the history of international clothing brands. Why will they become the fashion centers in the world? They are benefit from the atmosphere of culture and art. Now let me tell you more.

Firstly, I want to introduce the atmosphere of culture and art in Paris. Paris is the city which is full of creation of fashion. Fashion of Paris occupies an important position in the world. People who visited to Paris will immerse in the artistic atmosphere there. Architectural art and places of historic interest and scenic beauty are well known all over the world, such as Louvre and Eiffel Tower and so on. Under this environment, imagination and creation of designers are inspired by other litterateurs and artist. Their works will blend with various artistic forms, such as music and dance.

Secondly, let me tell you the atmosphere of art in Milan. Milan is a beautiful city. It runs over with full-bodied artistic atmosphere. Therefore, we can see many places of historic interest and scenic beauty. This cultural environment creates numbers of excellent designers. They pursue beauty. What is more, their works have their own style. Their elegant, casual and comfortable designs explain the aesthetic delights and life styles.

Thirdly, let me tell you the atmosphere of art in London. As the same to all the historical cities, London has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty. British Museum was built in 18 century. It is the biggest museum in the world. Besides, there are many famous Science Museums and other culture facilities, such as Big Ben and London Tower. Even if you walk along the street, London will give you a special feeling. Every corner tells you the glorious history of England. They will create dense artistic atmosphere for designers.

Fourthly, I want to tell you the atmosphere of art in New York. Free and aggressive Americanism creates casual and natural style for New York. Fashion of New York is popular. There are various styles and prices clothes in New York. These characteristics make clothes of New York develop faster and faster. New York opens a new market in the world. Therefore, it becomes the center of casual clothing.

Fifthly, let me tell you the atmosphere of art in Tokyo. As fashionable center in Asia, many fashionable products were invented in Tokyo. Designers of Tokyo are good at creating base on their tradition and culture. What is more, Tokyo is the cultural and educational center in Japan. There are many museums and galleries in there. Therefore, designers benefit from this atmosphere.

They are brief introduction of five big fashion centers. Wish they are useful for you.

Performance Arts in Pittsburgh

Looking for a great night out on the town then Pittsburgh is the best place to be. From a wide range of performance arts available in the area, you are sure to be pleased with the outcome of all of the shows and options that are available to you. Regardless what your favorite type of performance art is you are sure to be excited and thoroughly entertained watching shows at Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh Post Gazette Pavillion, Chevy Amphitheater, or any other venue that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Pittsburgh offers a plethora of theatrical performances. Ranging from the professional shows to the amateur and local theater there is always a great theatrical production that is sure to win your heart. From newer pieces to the classics, there is something that all theater lovers alike will enjoy.

Musical theater productions also abound in Pittsburgh. Once again, a great mix of original and classical shows are combined together between professional and amateur shows. There is enough dancing, singing and acting to inspire even the most quiet and calm person. Look for your favorite show and enjoy the evening listening to the happy sounds of singing and dancing.

If your perfect idea of a night out on the town involves listening to live music then you are also in luck. With a great range of music from the Orchestra to the Opera and even the live vocal performances there is sure to be a genre that interests and inspire you. Great performances are one of the biggest hearts in Pittsburgh and music is certainly not lacking as you anticipate listening to the next incredible piece.

Another popular option is the dancing performances. Ranging from modern, impressionable, and even ballet there are plenty of dance shows that are sure to leave you breathless. From the classics such as the Nutcracker, to some original and contemporary performances there are always shows that are in progress that are sure to catch your attention and leave you stunned from the beauty and the talent on the stage.

Pittsburgh has a great rich ability to entertain and delight people. From keeping the tourists to the long time residents entertained there are always plenty of great performance art shows to choose from and in typical Pittsburgh fashion the residents aim to please in everything they do. Enjoy an evening out in the Pittsburgh performance arts and lose yourself to the sights, sounds, and entertainment.